Mental Health and Trauma Awareness : Growing Faith Partnerships

Growing Faith is a national commitment to achieve a culture change within the Church of England, so that every aspect of mission and ministry is considered by what it means for children, young people and families. It comes from the vision set by the House of Bishops and endorsed by General Synod in 2019. It concerns relationships between schools and churches, and how these are developed to resource and support households to grow in faith together. The Growing Faith Foundation has been created to support dioceses and parishes to do this even more effectively than they do at present.
Why are we doing this?

In recent years, the impact of mental health difficulties and trauma on our children and young people has been highlighted as never before – bringing into focus the critical need for churches to be informed about the sorts of trauma that impede children from flourishing. For some, trauma has resulted from their earliest childhood experiences, others have been impacted by a singular traumatic incident; we also know that for a large number of children, challenges such as COVID19 and other personal, local, national and international situations have heavily impacted upon their wellbeing, through isolation, instability and bereavement.

The Growing Faith Foundation benefits from partnerships with many experts in these fields through parachurch organisations and diocesan teams. We are delighted to be able to work with them to provide a peer support and learning network which:

  • introduces colleagues to their work
  • facilitates ongoing collaborative conversations
  • opens up relationships outside of the Foundation’s input;
  • stimulates action and impact in dioceses around the country.

This network is aligned with the Growing Faith Foundation’s values:

We change the culture for the better

We lead by example

We prioritise relationships

We recognise and embrace the diversity of the body of Christ

We create safe spaces of welcome and belonging

This network is not a course and does not replace the depth of knowledge and understanding that can be gained through expert training. It is an opportunity to engage in discussion, raise awareness and identify areas for development and gaps in knowledge. One of the key benefits of this network is connecting colleagues with organisations who do have expertise in this field and can offer their own programmes, resources and materials which schools can access to deepen their knowledge of these topics in much greater depth.

How do we connect?

2024-5 comprises 10 meetings on Zoom which include a combination of:

  • Expert teaching from professionals in the field
  • Peer support and networking conversations between colleagues and organisations
The dates for 2024-25 are as follows, with each meeting being held online, 11-12:30:

23rd January 2024
13th February 2024
19th March 2024
23rd April 2024
21st May 2024
11th June 2024
9th July 2024
10th September 2024
8th October 2024
5th November 2024

You are asked to commit to these dates in advance and to attend them, as the sessions include peer support discussions.

Dates and Zoom links are published in the network brochure, available on the Growing Faith Foundation website or from 

Can I join in?

Yes! You are so welcome. 

       People working and volunteering in the interconnecting Growing Faith 'spheres' (church, school, household) concerned with the spiritual flourishing of children and young people are the main participants of this network. Additionally,  those leading at diocesan level and in partner organisations will find this network an invaluable opportunity to network and learn alongside colleagues,  and to disseminate information and resources to the churches, schools and households in their care. 

Please check you can make the dates and times of each meeting and commit to being present for them, in order to get the most from the network and to provide continuity of peer support for colleagues. 

      Please sign up below so that we can welcome you properly and send out some information and the Zoom links to you in advance of the meetings. If you need more information before taking the plunge, please contact