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Our NPQ Routes: NPQ Standard, NPQ Flex & NPQ Small
Please watch this short video, explaining the NPQs we offer before you start your application 👇
Please note: NPQ Flex is not yet open for applications & you can only apply for the NPQ Flex route if you are invited to do so.
Application Form Instructions
This application will take you approximately 30-minutes and you will be asked to check/complete the following:

  • Complete your Applicant Information & Provide your contact details 📞
  • Choose your NPQ Route, your course & select your cohort & area 📌
  • Complete information about your school 🏫
  • Answer x3 150-word questions about your experience and suitability for the course ✍
  • Give us the details of your Sponsor 👨‍💼
  • Review our Accessibility questions ❓
  • Review our privacy notices 📃
Before you begin/complete your application please ensure you have done the following:

  • Funding: Please note the completion of this application form is not confirmation of funding, we will be in touch to confirm whether you have been allocated a funded place. You must also register with the DfE service for your application to be considered 'complete' (see above application steps)
  • Your Sponsor: make sure you have received approval from your sponsor. Your sponsor is a senior person who will provide a reference for you and will be asked questions to help us determine your experience to undertake the course you have applied for. They will receive a Sponsor Endorsement form to complete in July 2024. Please note: your application is not considered complete until we have received their endorsement 
  • Course: Please ensure the course you choose on this application form is the same course you will register for with the DfE in July 2024. 

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Applicant Information & Contact Details 📞

Please put your legal first name here

Please put your legal last name here

Please provide us with your preferred first name to use in email correspondence

Please provide us with your preferred last name to use in email correspondence

If you have a TRN please do put it here. If you cannot remember your TRN you can find it via the following link: https://find-a-lost-trn.education.gov.uk/start

Please keep a note of the email you have provided for this form. You will need to use the same one when you register with the DfE in July 2024

If possible, please provide us with an email that is different to your primary email to enable us to contact you on an alternative email in case your primary email changes during the course of your study with us

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NPQ Route & Course Information 📌

Please choose your NPQ Route. Before choosing please make sure you have watched the NPQ route video on page one of this form. Please note: NPQ Flex applications are not yet open/you must be invited to apply for NPQ Flex.

If you are apart of the Leaders Like Us programme, please click the check box. If not, please leave unchecked.

You have chosen: NPQ Standard Route
NPQ Standard is our most popular route. Participants studying on this route have most of their sessions online but also benefit from some face-to-face sessions with a local Delivery Partner.
Logo of NPQ Standard
Please choose the course you are applying for from the list below and the region that is closest to you for any face-to-face sessions 📌👇

Please choose the region that is closest to you for face-to-face sessions

You have chosen: NPQ Small Schools Route
Logo for NPQ Small
NPQ Small is specifically designed with small schools in mind. Both the delivery (fully virtual with a choice of when to attend some of the sessions) and the content (including case studies and examples from small schools) are designed to help you develop as a leader in small schools and beyond.

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Current School Information 🏫

Please put the full name of your school here

Please include the URN associated to your school. If you do not know it you can find it here: https://www.get-information-schools.service.gov.uk/Search?SelectedTab=Establishments

If your school type is not listed in the above question please make a note of it using this box

Please provide the URL to your school website

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Question Section 📃

150-word limit

150-word limit

150-word limit

150-word limit. Please note: you will be asked to provide evidence of this if your application is successful

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Sponsor Details
We require the details of the person who is sponsoring you for the NPQ you are applying for. If you are the Headteacher then your sponsor should be the Chair of Governors, if you are an Executive Head then it should be the Chair of the Trust Board and if you are a teacher then it should be your Headteacher

Your sponsor will receive the sponsor endorsement form to complete in July 2024. Please ask your sponsor to check their email for their sponsor endorsement form. If this is not in their inbox, please ask them to check both their 'Other' folder and their 'Junk' folder.

Please carefully check the email you are providing is correct before continuing on with your application form

Please note this is your role, not the role of the sponsor
Please add your headteacher's contact details below.
Please add the contact details of your chair of governors below.
Please add the contact details for the chair of your trust board below.

Please provide us with the email address of an administrative contact associated with your sponsor. This email should not be the same as the email address you have provided for your sponsor

Accessibility Questions ❓
We are now going to ask you if you consider yourself to have a disability and if you require reasonable adjustments.

This isn't part of the application process and won't be considered when making decisions about whether or not you join one of our courses. We recognise that our school workforce is a wonderfully diverse place made up of lots of different people with different needs. We want to welcome everyone to learn with us.

We simply ask everyone this question so that if you do need additional support, we make sure we have everything in place ready for you to have the best possible learning experience. 

We understand that answering questions like this can be hard for some people. If you would prefer you can email us at: npq@churchofengland.org 

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Data Protection & Declarations

Marketing Preferences

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